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    GoldenShield Machinery Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer and wholesaler of sewing machine spare parts.It is located in industrial park of Weishan town.The floor area is 15,000 sequare meter,with more than 20 million of fixed assets. The efficient and steady operating management is our basic formula ,“give you the best quality ”is our job objective.We use the exquisite technology and advanced production facility for our posterior shield.We are the top of the sewing machine spare parts industry.Our mainly products are needle plate, folder, presser foot, gauge set, blade, looper, rotating shuttle, bobbin winder and so on.As for folder,we improve technology and push-off new  products constantly,for catering to the requirement of manufacturing,we simplify the production process,so we can reach the goal which “The machine for making garmnet is diversified.” Our brand are well-reputed in costomers at home and abroad and most our counterparts.Our products are well sold in many countries or area of Europe and America as well as  Southeast Asia.
    “Be full of vigour and vitality,flexibility and creativity”is the advantage of our “Goldenshield Person”.Be faced with the fierce competition, we still believe that “Quality first,enterprise backing,then make the brand”,Goldenshield will challenge the future sequentially and show the  brand charm of Goldenshield with more professional ,more humanized ,more practical enterprise spirit.
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